Energy for Success – Dr. Barry Morguelan Part I

March 23, 2021

Imagine if you could tap into your own energy supply to feel better. Dr. Barry Morguelan will teach you just how to do that, and more. “Dr. B.” has spent the past 25 years teaching a special approach to using energy for success, which is a 5,000 year old approach that he learned in China. Dr. B. Is the first English-speaking person to be trained in this methodology.

Simply put, his thesis is that we all want to connect to that force we had as kids – tapping into energy without a lot of forethought. He also believes it’s important that we all harness our energy to stave off challenges in the right way, improve relationships with the people in our lives who we care about…and get joy out of our jobs not just the grit. Who wouldn’t want that?

Dr. B feels that just because we grow older each day that life doesn’t have to be a little bit harder and a little less vibrant. Not true! We get control over the things we want to have happen in our life and his practice allows you to look forward to the day ahead. We discuss some of the obstacles that he faced while learning this methodology going back and forth to China for years and how he ultimately become one of only 7 living Grandmasters.

Dr. B. Bio

A world-renowned surgeon and pioneer in gastroenterology, Dr. B scoured the planet for the world’s most practical and effective systems of healing, transformational well-being, and personal success. The fruits of a harrowing 30 year apprenticeship under the tutelage of a powerful sage deep in the mountains of China, Energy For Success represents Dr. B’s one-of-a-kind reinterpretation of an ancient personal energy mastery tradition, reimagined and adapted for the modern world by its only western Grand Master. EFS gives you an integrated system for holistic personal, spiritual, and professional growth. This practice bridges the gaps between positive psychology, goal achievement, high-performance strategies, eastern practices, and the power of subtle energy fields to create real-world results in your life. It is a system that empowers you to bypass the stress of the modern world so you can transform your life, achieve your biggest goals, and experience true fulfillment.

Dr. B is offering you, our listeners, access to his programs through a special URL:

This intensive program addresses all areas of your life and includes a set of very simple, fast, easy to adapt practices you can use in daily life. Regain balance and reclaim your mind from whatever distractions and problems and stay calm and focused in the face of life’s challenges. Remember, a calm mind is a brilliant mind. This program is more hands-on including facilitator calls & more!

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2:10 Dr. B’s Energy Healing

25+ years ago people didn’t do a lot of alternative things including energy healing

When they thought of energy - they thought of gasoline 

He was the first physician to bring this back to the US

He searched all over the world

3:50 He met a master in mainland China

He had a teaching that was passed down verbally over 5,000 years

He went back and forth to get trained in this program 

He was the first English-speaking person to have this training

7:02 Anyone at any stage can do these practices to put yourself in your best shape

It’s a series of physical/mental practices including absorbing energies 20 minutes per day

You deserve the opportunity of this lifetime - you deserve this freedom of health

There’s more advanced programs for different levels 

You don’t become dependent, you become independent

10:45 Dr. B’s travels to China

He was told he would never meet or even see the grand master

He didn’t give up, he knew there had to be something

He made it to the mountain, and they let him stay- he observed and took notes

Jet Li was getting treated there

15:50 The grandmaster offered to train him and he said he wouldn’t make it

The only way you learn is by challenges

You will only go as far as you will go in this lifetime

It’s dangerous to learn as you have these different challenges

There’s no malpractice in China

20:30 Life is always expanding and always moving

You reconnect to that force you had as a kid when they told everyone to run, and everyone runs

This is about turning that ability back on 

It’s about these techniques that open up these spaces and areas in your body that are like sensors  

It allows your brain, sight, balance and decision-making to be better

24:05 The best thing about this program 

It allows you to see people

You can bypass the bad candidates

More people finding they can work in harmony and find great candidates

26:35 You stay looking forward

Reality is more sparkling

The world starts to appear as you recognized it during a vacation

You notice it more

29:50 You have the ability to be awake and aware

Dr. B discusses the challenges he faced

Rice paper between wood 

Snake filled lake

Rock walking

38:05 What if you had the algorithm to do with all of the Great Eight?

You aren’t worn out by the aggravation

Aggravation comes from the fact that you don’t have a solution for what’s bothering you

41:10 You can’t be good at everything?

Your opportunity to use these practices let’s you live your life 

Your relationships will improve everyday

You want to be connected to people

It allows you to be smarter/sharper each day

49:50 Your body is multi-tasking all the time

You need to open life up to the opportunities available to us

Get joy out of your job instead of just the grit

You need each of these eight things 

You look forward to each day waking up 

60:15 Going faster is not the way

It will drive you into feeling that you missed the purpose of why you’re doing what you’re doing

You’re not going to be successful as you’ve missed all the cues that are here to help you be successful

Your job is to expand each and improve each day

There are way more opportunities available to you each day than what is marketed to you today

You experience the energy around you - it’s kid-like energy

Not a program for grit, this is a program for ease 

Beauty and affability comes from the inside

People gain the energy from being around you - transferring through neurons

66:10 The energy has been waiting for you

Developing basic practices

Doesn’t matter race, ethnicity, language, etc.

67:20 His contrarian view

People believe that as you grow older each day is a little bit harder, and each day a little less vibrant

Not true! You get control over the things you want to have happen in your life 

This practice allows people to look forward to growing in each of the eight capacities each day 

73:55 What’s on Dr. B’s browser?

Any book on Ben Franklin, Churchill, Einstein and all his books from China

The biohacking is interesting - Dave Asprey

American Voices with Bill Bradley

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