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Fostering A Spirit That:

Identifies and embraces expertise across industry, function, geography and discipline
Convenes leaders with the experience and influence to make significant contributions
Is private & confidential

Why Join?

Here’s why top executives are joining the exec community:

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A curated network of  your peers, without press or solicitation
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Carefully crafted private in-person &  online events
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Members with the experience to help you sharpen your knowledge and grow your career
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Unlock our video series that will give you solutions to the most pressing problems facing modern executives, answered by select leaders who have lived it

Qualities & Values We Consider

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Seasoned Executives & Company Leaders
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Value Authenticity, Transparency, and Collaboration
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A Rising Star in Your Respective Industry
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Appreciation for Managing your Time Across  Career and Personal Life
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Dedicated to Professional & Personal Development
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Share, Collaborate, and Learn from a Cross-Industry Group of Peers
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Want to Stay Ahead of Industry Trends
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Appreciate Settings Free of Self-Promotion and Selling

The Quality Of Your Relationships Is The Greatest Predictor Of Your Success

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Establish and deepen peer-level relationships
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Learn from shared stories of success & failure
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Tap into cutting edge innovations, topics, and trends
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Gain business, market, and customer insight from your peers

Elevate Your Life Across 3 Core Pillars: Career, Health, And Family

The most accomplished leaders know that achieving balance in career, health, and family is paramount for sustained success.

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Insights from peers that are not just theoretical, but are battle-tested and proven effective
Nurturing your overall health is not just a luxury, it's the cornerstone of a truly successful career
Success is not solely measured by titles or financial gains but by the level of fulfillment you derive from your work

You Won't be the Smartest Person in The Room

Surround yourself with peers who have earned their place through real-world experience.

Membership qualifies you for peer-verification:

What is Peer-Verification?

Applicants complete and submit form.
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Candidates assessed based on overall impact of career across company, industry, and beyond.
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Prospective members considered, interviewed, and verified at sole discretion of Exec.
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You'll Be In Good Company

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